Convenient Convenience Store

So I was in the convenience store (that they call a “supermarket” but is far too tiny to be that) near the apartment last night. There was a little New Year’s stand inside selling some Spring Festival sample packs, containing a lot of little snacks and candies for the holiday. Looked interesting, so I decided to buy it… except apparently that didn’t work. Nothing came up when scanning it, and after some hurried chatter between the employees, they decided that it wasn’t for sale yet (“maybe tomorrow”) and took it from me despite me having wallet out and ready to pay. Just take my money! Maybe these people don’t fully understand capitalism yet.

Also, there’s been a milk scare recently with some items of Mengniu brand milk showing signs of containing aflatoxin, which can cause severe liver damage. Turns out that’s the brand of milk we like the most, but thankfully we haven’t bought it in a while. Hopefully I won’t get liver cancer. So at the convenience store I noticed they were responding promptly to the scare, by knocking 1-2 yuan off the price of each box of Mengniu milk. Maybe they actually are embracing capitalism, but in the typically short-term way I see often here. “Hmm, if we sell this possibly-tainted milk, our customers may die in the long term… but if we don’t sell it, we will lose money now! …I want money now.”

One thought on “Convenient Convenience Store

  1. They have stores like that in New York and neighboring boroughs. They where wall to wall items with isles shoulder width apart. The people I was with had me pickup a cake with them which turned out be a cake for my surprise birthday.

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