Some Pictures of GXNU

I’ve attempted to make a few panoramas of some things here at Guangxi Normal University. Some of the automatic stitching didn’t work out, but perhaps the resulting image is fitting nonetheless.

Here’s a sculpture in front of the library. As far as I can tell, that date is the month when the university was started.

The library. Haven’t gone in yet, so no idea what’s inside.

Some strange sculpture. I think it’s utterly hideous and every time I walk past it I hope it gets melted down for scrap.

The view on the way out of the foreign language building on the way to have lunch at one of the many cafeterias on campus.

The foreign language building from the inside. Depending on what day it is, I teach classes on the third, fourth, or fifth floors.

Another sculpture. I think this one’s pretty nice, if only because it’s out of stone instead of metal in some sort of outdated “people’s glorious mechanized future” aesthetic.

The view from my apartment.

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